When we first bought our Toyota Liteace it was May 10th 2017 and we began it’s conversion around this time last year. We didn’t really know what we were doing because it was our first Van Conversion – but we had watched enough videos on YouTube to give it our best.
So we’ve been using our Campervan for a year since then and have come to realise through experience that in order for us to drive it our of Malaysia, some necessary changes have to be made.
In this video, we address the changes –

One comment

  1. I am Huang from Penang.

    Thank Rene n Sam for sharing your experience, i m also interesting in campervan traveling style, so far i consider to get a 1998~99 Ford Transit window van but i heard that this van have lot of engine issue, do you have any idea regarding this Ford van?

    Currently I drive Toyota Unser, i might do some minor modification on my Unser so that i can try my camper experience with my wife, would you mind if i join you for few days in future?


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