Welcome to 24 Hour Travellers.


We are Rene Sullivan a Musician from Singapore and Sammy Khoo a Photographer from Malaysia

This is our Quest for the Simple Life on Wheels.

We have decided to leave the rat race, quit our jobs to pursue our dreams of full time travel. We recently bought our first van and self converted it into a tiny campervan in order to get the ball rolling.

This channel is a place for us to share our journey, the stories of beautiful people we meet and the simple adventures that we hope to have. We will begin with our homeland Asia and progress to other continents overland.

For the moment we are organising ourselves to load a video a week but the exact upload Day we can’t quite regulate. We hope you can be patient with us as our travels involve 4 pets which is quite a challenge. LoL

We intend on sharing exactly how we do what we do so do Subscribe to Follow our journey as the madness is about to begin. 🙂





We love the idea of a self sustaining tiny home on wheels that utilises solar energy, a composting toilet and to one day live completely off the grid. That’s where we are at now. We are in the midst of selling, donating and planning for our tiny home on wheels. Never realised how much stuff we had until we began to downsize.

Thank you for your time and we hope to share our journey as we begin to self build our campervan, travel Asia with our 2 dogs and find a place to park our tiny home on wheels.