Welcome to 24 Hour Travellers. ūüôā

Hello there and thank you for popping by. I am Sammy Khoo, the photographer (Boudoir Asia Photography), writer and videographer in 24 Hour Travellers and Rene is a composer, musician and my life partner. This March 2017 marks our 17 years of marriage. We met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1997 when he was a bassist in a band that toured Hard Rock Cafes around South East Asia.

Just a few months after we¬†met, Rene left his band and we¬†travelled to Shen Zhen, China in pursuit of opening a Rave Club with a¬†Malaysian partner. We spent 6 months building this rave club but somehow our Malaysian partner wasn’t quite honest with the Chinese partner and there were guns involved towards the end of their disagreement. We didn’t stick around to argue,¬†quickly we¬†returned to Malaysia sadly with nothing in our pockets. We were in our twenties and had not much to lose but a lot to learn from our failures.


We were young and free spirited, even though we wanted to travel, we decided to work on building our businesses from the ground up. It was the year 2000 and we found a cheap place to rent as a home and an office. It was a corner shoplot in Puchong. It was cheap for a reason, Puchong at the time was a dodgy place to live, but my brother ran his Tae Kwon Doe gym above our place so we did feel “somewhat” safe. We didn’t own much and I remember those were fun times.

In the years to come Rene and I continued to toil the soil in film production and eventually sold our Puchong recording studio and upgraded to a better premise in a better neighbourhood. We then operated our businesses (Rene music and me photography) for over a decade and then, suddenly we just woke up realising we needed to travel. Nothing else.

We have many many pets, so us flying off to places and leaving them in boarding is not an option. That’s how the idea of #Vanlife came about.


Fast forward to today.

We realised our dreams of travelling must happen now and not during our retirement.



So we decided to let it all go. Sell everything we own in order to travel. Downsize into a tiny home, build a campervan and then hit the open road!!


We love the idea of a self¬†sustaining tiny home on wheels that utilises solar energy, a composting toilet¬†and to one day live completely off the grid.¬†That’s where we are at now. We are in the midst of selling, donating and planning for our tiny home on wheels. Never realised how much stuff we had until we began to downsize.

Thank you for your time and we hope to share our journey as we begin to self build our campervan, travel Asia with our 2 dogs and find a place to park our tiny home on wheels.